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We Are Passionate about Haggis, We Love Scotland More

We are a unique Scottish tour operator based between the capital city Edinburgh and the historic city of Glasgow. We have a brilliant mix of experiences over the years.

Our knowledge and professionalism. coupled with the sole intention of setting up a tour company that would make a BIG difference in Scotland. We Are Passionate about Haggis, But Scotland Even More,


Over time we observed that there was a great potential, meaning we could be very successful.

With our fresh approach. We have noticed the tours offered in Scotland, have in some cases have become boring and monotonous!.

So after many years of living in Scotland (I'm Scottish!in the highlands and lowlands of Scotland. Knowing ,its islands, the many mysteries, amazing stories and its chilling legends.

My colleague and myself realised, there was so much more to offer people visiting Scotland,

than what it is being done and said already on the tours.

So we asked ourselves:.

Did we just want to be same?. Or did we want to be different?.

We decided:.



Hairy Haggis Tours Mission

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When you travel on one of our tours.

Your never a customer,

You are a friend.

We hope to see you soon.

To offer you a unique tour experience. To make you feel like you are reliving the most incredible stories and legends through our amazing tales from the history of Scotland.

Some of our stories will make your heart beat with excitement, Others might give you a cold numbing sensation.

Discover hidden places that will leave you speechless.

Find the whiskey that puts Scotland on the map.

Visit the locations of some famous blockbusters filmed in Bonnie Scotland, from Outlander to Bond or search for "Nessie" at Loch Ness. 

We are not the biggest operator in the market. But we have new mini buses. Our seats maybe limited, we are popular, because

what we offer is more than a day trip, It is an experience.

We pride ourselves at being the best at what we do.

We  provide a service second to none, from the moment you book.

 Scotland's Best Day Tours

Our tours depart from either:

The Hairy Haggis Promise

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Who are not just knowledgeable professionals. Your new friend.


We set prices. Suitable for everyone. Our superb service as standard.! 


Small groups

Size does matter. Travel  in groups of 16 people or less.



We don’t stick just to the normal. We really are the Hairy Haggis chasing experts.

Amazing guides

Value for money

secret stops

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