Hector The Scottish Haggis,

Hector the Hairy Haggis, Hector+Hairy+Ha

A Hairy Haggis !

Hello Everyone, its me Hector

Who Is Hector?

Hector was a wild wee haggis living in the Scottish highlands.

When we first met him, it was love at first sight.

He came home with us and we adopted the wee guy. 

Hector asked us if he could star in the logo of

Hairy Haggis Tours.

(How could we say no?) 

Eventually becoming the face of the Hairy Haggis Group

The now tame and loveable Hector the Hairy Haggis, soon became a celebrity himself.

With this new found fame Hector, a well traveled Scottish rascal, decided to put his face on a range of adorable gifts, meaning you can take home your own Hairy Haggis to share your future travels with.

Hector, Hairy+Haggis, Scottish+Hairy+Hag

Hectors keepsakes

Hector+Hairy+Haggis+Soft Toy

Hector Plush

Make more memories, take a cuddly Hector, plush bear on your travels.

Hairy Haggis Coffee Mug.jpg

Coffee Mugs

Make your Hairy Haggis Coffee break complete with this

coffee mug.

Hector as a Key Chain.jpg

Hector Key Ring

Let Hector keep your keys safe, with this tour related key ring.

Hectors ices scottish ice cream.jpg

Hector's Ice Cream

Even Hector loves Ice cream, See if find his Ice Cream Van, near you.. 


Hector's Coffee

Hector loves his coffee that much he has decided to make his own..

Hector in a Cone.jpg

Hector Cones

Hector thought it would be fun to sit inside a ice cream cone, collect this keepsake keyring.

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