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Visit Loch Ness

Visit the Loch Ness with, Hector the Hairy Haggis.

Leaving from Edinburgh or Glasgow. Enjoy the very best of Scotland in a single day. Follow Hector and look for Nessie, Discover the beautiful Scottish Highlands on this amazing day tour to the second largest loch in Scotland,

The Loch Ness.

Scottish Folklore

From that one faithful day. People began to visit the loch every day with high hopes of getting a photo of the illusive ‘Nessie’. The Loch Ness Monster.

With over 1,000 eye-witness accounts of the sightings of the monster in the water. 

You never know your visit to the Loch Less may prove to be the day, Nessie comes out to play.

Whether you believe in the Scottish myths and legends that surround the mythical water monster or not.

Loch Ness has a lot to offer than Nessie hunting. Take a day tour to the world famous loch. you will find everything from ancient Castles like the picture-perfect ruins of Urquhart Castle, to the Fall of Foyers waterfall. This breathtaking waterfall drops 165ft from the River Foyers and feeds Loch Ness. Walk in the Scottish Highlands on the way to visiting the Loch Ness and see the Scottish Wildlife. Make the day complete.

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Hairy Haggis Tours

Join Hector the Hairy Haggis on an exclusive Loch Ness day tour from Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Search for Nessie or simply enjoy discovering the many highlights of the of the Scottish Highlands, Loch Ness and many more beautiful places in Scotland like Pitlochry. The postcard perfect village that time forgot. Experience all this on one of the best tours to the Loch Ness from Edinburgh or Glasgow.



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Why Visit Loch Ness


So, you are thinking of visiting this beautiful Scottish loch, located near Inverness. You may not know much about Loch Ness itself or if it is worth visiting or not.

Let us step back in time to the 2nd of May 1933. When this sleepy postcard perfect loch suddenly found fame; this was when ‘Nessie’ first appeared in the local newspapers.

The famous monster of Loch Ness was born, said to resemble a plesiosaur. The now local legend and common folklore around lake monsters such as the Loch Ness Monster, are associated with kelpie legends.

The accounts of such loch monsters have changed over time; originally being described as horse-like creatures (kelpies).

These stories were originally intended to keep children away from the dangers of the Scottish lochs.


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