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Burns Night Celebrations 2021

How To Celebrate Burns Night

why we celebrate burns night, how to celebrate burns night.
Hairy Haggis Burns Night 2021

As tomorrow the 25th of January is a big night in Scottish Tradition, we The Hairy Haggis Group have decided to bring you a run down of the nights events and how they unfold. We also understand the 2021 Burns Night celebrations will be limited, due to the ongoing issues of the last year. The spirt and meaning of this night will live on for years to come. So we would like to share this brief run down of the nights events with you.

The Burns Night Supper is a big part of Scottish life. Burns night is the celebration of the life and works of the national Bard, (Robert Burns). The evening supper can range from an informal gathering of friends to a huge, formal dinner. This is the key elements that forms and structure a Burns Supper, that any Scotsman would be proud of.

The whole evening starts with piping in the guests

A proper Burns Night calls for a piper to welcome guests. At a formal event, guests should stand to welcome any further arriving guests: the piper then plays until the main table is ready to be seated, at this point a round of applause is due

If you don't have access to a piper, some traditional music will do nicely the host can simply bang on the table to draw attention to the start of the evening's festivities.

The Hosts Welcome

The host/organiser now warmly welcomes and introduces the esteemed guests and the evening's entertainment.

The Selkirk Grace

Now this is a short but important prayer, that is read to usher in the meal. The Selkirk Grace can also be called the Burns's Grace at Kirkcudbright. Although now the text is often printed in English, the usually recited in Scots as follows;

how to celebrate burns night in true Scottish tradition
Robert Burns, the reason for Burns night
Some hae meat and canna eat
And some wad eat that want it,
But we hae meat and we can eat,
And sae the Lord be thankit".

It is now piping in the Haggis time

This is where guests would normally stand to welcome the main attraction of dinner, this will be delivered on a silver platter by a procession of folk, comprising of the chef, the piper and the person who will address the Haggis. In true Scottish style a whisky-bearer should also arrive to ensure the toasts are well lubricated. Don’t worry any choice of beverage is fine.

Whilst this little procession is taking place, guests should clap in time to the music up until the Haggis reaches its destination at the table. The music now stops as everyone is sits in anticipation of the next part of the evening.

The address to the Haggis

This now the time the honored reader seizes their own moment of glory by offering a fluent and entertaining rendition of To a Haggis. The reader should have his knife poised at the ready.

On cue to (His knife see Rustic-labour dight), he cuts the Haggis casing along its length, making sure to spill out some of the tasty gore from within (trenching its gushing entrails).

The exciting recital ends with the reader raising the haggis in triumph during the final line “Gie her a Haggis!” This is the point at which the guests greet with rapturous applause.

Toast to the Haggis

why you raise a toast to the haggis on burns night
Raise a toast to the Haggis this Burns Night

The speaker will prompt the audience now join the toast to the Haggis. Raise a glass and shout: The haggis! Now it is time to serve the main course with its traditional companions of course, Neeps and Tatties. In large event, the piper will lead a procession to carry the opened Haggis back to the kitchen for serving; Guest should clap as the procession departs.

The Meal

haggis neeps and tatties for a traditional burns night meal following the tradition of Robert burns
A real Scottish Haggis

Th meal is served with some suitable background music, the sumptuous Bill o' Fare includes:


Traditional cock-a-leekie soup.

Main course

Haggis, neeps & tatties

Haggis wi' bashit neeps an' champit tatties

Haggis with swede and mashed potato


Clootie Dumpling a good reason to celebrate burns night in true Scottish style
Clootie Dumpling

Clootie Dumpling (a pudding prepared in a linen cloth or cloot) or

Typsy Laird (a Scottish sherry trifle)

Cheeseboard with bannocks (oatcakes)

and some tea/coffee.

Do not worry variations do exist, beef lovers can serve the haggis, neeps & tatties as a starter with roast beef or steak pie as the main dish.

Vegetarians can of course choose vegetarian Haggis.

You could opt for a seafood main course such as Cullen Skink.

So, to all our readers we would like to wish you all “Happy Burns Night 2021”, from the Hairy Haggis Group. For those who would like to know more about the Famous Scottish legend we will explain his life, works and legacies tomorrow.

For Scottish tours done how they should be, follow the Hairy Haggis,


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